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Cheshunt Counselling is a not for profit therapy agency that aims to offer access to services for all, no matter your circumstances.

First set up in 2008, we have offered thousands of clients the space to explore and change their lives.

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Whether you are looking for Counselling, CBT or Life Coaching, we can offer you a wide range of services to cover your needs.

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Sometimes life can become overwhelming, when we feel we are no longer able to cope and need help with the issues that are affecting us. Sometimes we don’t even know what…

Low Cost Counselling and CBT

We have an established service provided by Counsellors from different theoretical backgrounds who can provide you with the type of counselling that is best suited to your needs…


Coaching builds a partnership where you will achieve fulfilling results in your personal and professional life…

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a requirement for all counsellors. It is a place for them to explore their caseload, look at their way of working and challenge their ideas. At Cheshunt Counselling…