Here for you Is your life stressful? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Are issues from the past still affecting you today?   Counselling (for individuals and couples) Low Cost Counselling Coaching Stress Management Anger Management Clinical Supervision   TEL: 07722 761747 | MOB: 07709 350019  


Sometimes life can become overwhelming, when we feel we are no longer able to cope and need help with the issues that are affecting us. Sometimes we don’t even know what...

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Low Cost Counselling

We have an established service provided by Counsellors from different theoretical backgrounds who can provide you with the type of counselling that is best suited to your needs...

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Coaching builds a partnership where you will achieve fulfilling results in your personal and professional life...

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Stress Management

Stress can be a debilitating pressure that we sometimes just find too hard to manage. We offer the chance to look at how the stress in your life is affecting you and give you the tools...

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Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that a lot of us feel in our lives from time to time but can cause an issue when it becomes unmanageable. We run a six week individual Anger Management course or an...

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Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a requirement for all counsellors. It is a place for them to explore their caseload, look at their way of working and challenge their ideas. At Cheshunt Counselling...

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